About Us

About Us…

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (AMEP) is a political party that represented the interests of the Motoring Enthusiast Community and Associated Industries at a federal level.

The Party formed on 11 May 2013 in Queensland at an enthusiastic public meeting of Motoring Enthusiasts from a broad range of disciplines.

The AMEP registered as a Federal Political Party and stood a total of 10 candidates across five mainland states in the 2013 Federal election.

The Party formed through the need to unite the motoring community in a time where, as individuals, the enthusiast lifestyle was being attacked by a bureaucracy that was destroying the culture through their lack of understanding of our community and who we are.

Following the election of the AMEP’s first representative, Senator Ricky Muir, motoring enthusiasts had political representation at the highest level of government and unprecedented opportunities opened up for our community.

Unfortunately for then-senator Muir, the ruling Liberal government called a double-dissolution election in 2016 which saw him lose his seat after only two years in office.

In 2017 the AMEP Executive deregistered the AMEP with the Australian Electoral Office, but retains the ability to re-register the Party should the need arise to again stand candidates at elections.

The AMEP’s work with Industry Groups, Peak Motoring Bodies, Road Safety experts, Driver Education experts, Vehicle Standards and Motoring Experts is well documented; as is our political contribution on behalf of motoring enthusiasts. All documentation is available in our knowledge base.