With a focus on educating legislators, gathering statistics and influencing policy, the motoring community have been advocating for sensible legislation and enforcement.

The emphasis has been on community education to allow the law abiding majority to do the right thing and focus enforcement activities on the minority who willingly choose to break the law.  We believe in personal responsibility and a fair-go for all…

Sentate Review – Chapter 5 – Motorsport and Motoring Enthusiasts

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The AMEP was formed in May 2013 to contest Federal elections following the unprecedented assault by authorities on modified vehicles and their owners. After approaches to elected politicians about unfair motoring legislation went unanswered, the AMEP registered as a political party with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and contested the 2014 Federal Election – standing two candidates in each of five mainland states, Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

AMEP Victorian candidate Ricky Muir successfully won a Senate seat, but unfortunately was removed from office just two years later following a double-dissolution election. It should be noted that, before calling the Double-D, the ruling Liberal government changed the preferential voting system in order to make it almost impossible for a small political party or independent to gain office.

Following the change in preferential voting, the AMEP deregistered with the AEC in early 2017.

Former AMEP members maintain representation for motoring enthusiasts on several government committees in relation to motoring issues as they pertain to those with older and modified vehicles.

Parliamentary Friends of Motoring

Motoring Enthusiast Culture



An initiative of the AMEP, the Motoring Advisory Council (MAC) was established to operate in conjunction with former AMEP Senator Ricky Muir’s office to formulate motoring policy.

The success of the MAC is a direct result of the diversity of those involved with the Council and their many years of combined experience. Read more about the MAC here…