Thank you to everyone who voted for the AMEP, and a special thank you to our Candidates and those who stood at polling booths handing out ‘how to vote’ cards.

What a strange election it has been, and it will still be some time until the final results are known. The Government called a DD Election to get rid of the “feral” crossbench, and ain’t karma a bitch – it appears they will end up with a more difficult crossbench than the one they dissolved.

Unfortunately, it would appear the AMEP has lost it’s seat, (along with most other crossbench senators); however, postal votes and preferences still have to be counted so anything is possible. Fingers crossed.

We are proud of the efforts of our Candidates and those who stepped up to support them. It has been a team effort, and we have fought a gallant fight.

They changed the rules to get rid of us, and despite the odds being against us, we put everything we could into campaigning.

We brought integrity to politics and this is something we can all be proud of, regardless of the final result.  The election united our community again, and the support shown to the AMEP in the last couple of weeks has been encouraging.

One thing for certain is that the fight will never end, it may transform and take on a different path, but it will never end.

Motoring Enthusiasts and Proud…