Interesting Senate Crossbench…  Good luck Malcolm.

Whilst the AMEP did not retain our Senate Seat, the number of crossbenchers increased by three.  Pauline Hansen’s One Nation won four senate seats, Nick Xenophon Team won three seats, Derryn Hinch won a seat, while Jacquie Lambie, Bob Day and David Leyonhjelm retained their seats. 

If you include the Greens in the crossbench, there is a record number of 20 Crossbench Seats.


Coalition – 30 seats (down from 33 in the last Senate)
Labor – 26 seats (up from 25)
Greens – 9 (down from 10)
One Nation – 4 (up from zero)
Nick Xenophon Team – 3 (up from 1)
Family First (Bob Day) 1
Liberal Democrats (David Leyonhjelm) 1
Derry Hinch Justice Party 1
Jacqui Lambie 1

The good news is that Nick Xenophon is a strong advocate for the Automotive Aftermarket industry thanks to the AMEP, something we can be proud of.  We also have good relations with Bob Day, Jacqui Lambie and David Leyonhjelm.

It is important we continue to have friends in the Senate, so the MAC will be writing to each of the Senators offering expert advice on motoring issues.

The AMEP and Ricky Muir can be proud of what has been achieved in our short time in Government.  The AMEP has made a difference, and many opportunities have been created thanks to our Senate seat.  It is unfortunate Ricky only got to serve two of his six year term, as strong foundations had been laid.

The fight will never end, it will need to transform, but it will never end.

If you feel passionate about the AMEP and it’s future, now is the time to get involved. CONTACT US