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Where has the common sense gone?

Older performance vehicles are expected to make less exhaust noise than many newer and ‘Greener’ performance vehicles. If an older vehicle isn’t on the ‘DOTARS 83/00 Stationary Noise “Signature” Supplementary Data Spreadsheet”,which was introduced in the year 2005, it is subjected to a blanket 96db maximum stationary exhaust noise limit for pre January 1983 vehicles and 90db limit for post January 1983 vehicles as per Schedule 1 of the Regulation.

What you will find is that many newer performance vehicles manufactured from 2005+ identified in the Spreadsheet produce in excess of 90db (some over 100db), plus they are allowed an additional 5db grace to account for wear and tear of their exhaust systems.

However in-service performance vehicles manufactured between 1983-2004 are expected to adhere to a maximum 90db limit and are not allowed an additional 5db compensation for wear and tear of their exhaust systems. Real world results would indicate that the majority of performance vehicles driven on our roads today that were manufactured within this time period would be producing in excess of 90db with their standard exhaust systems still in place. As the availability of original manufacturer parts becomes less likely the older a vehicle becomes, there is no alternative other than to turn to the aftermarket industry to supply replacement parts for alternative exhaust systems.

It is a matter of equality for starters, but also a matter of common sense and having a reasonable and achievable limit in place for older performance cars rather than having them subjected to deliberate DECC / EPA / POLICE targeting for fitment of non-standard exhaust systems or excessive noise, whilst Mr Exotic gets to drive by in his fancy new car producing more noise without the authorities even batting an eyelid.

Secondly, there is technology out there now that can help quieten down exhaust noise levels for every car on our roads, but the current Regulation forbids the use of them.

Where has the comprehension of common sense gone?

Exhaust Technologies


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