Vehicle Standards

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Vehicle Standards

State based inconsistency of regulations, decades of poorly aligned legislation…

State based inconsistency and enforcement around modifications are still significant issues to our community.  These individual state authority systems, requirements and layers of confusing red tape strangle the Motoring Culture and aftermarket industry by burying users in regulation paperwork that even the best engineers struggle to follow.  Current regulation inconsistencies between states are restricting industry potential significantly.  

Enthusiasts are faced with the legality of modifications (engineer certificate or not) as they travel interstate. It is lunacy that an Australian vehicle owner can drive a legally certified vehicle in their home state, but then be deemed defective in another.  It is time for a national solution.

There is an unprecedented opportunity to re-evaluate our current regulatory framework to stimulate the wider automotive industry with the end of domestic vehicle manufacturing in Australia.

We believe simple changes can be made to support the industry, economy and the Australian Motoring Culture into the future.

National Code of Practice (NCOP) – VSB14

AMEP asserts that the National Code of Practice for light vehicle modifications (VSB14) must be rolled out to all states under an applied law system, rather than the current model law system.  This is especially necessary as we continue to harmonise with International Design Rules, to prevent state bodies over ruling the national or international vehicle standards with local registration controls.

NCOP (VSB14) and VSCCS are widely accepted by industry and enthusiasts as fair, effective, transparent and easy to follow mechanisms for determining the requirements of vehicle modification.  This approach can also be applied to personal imports with modifications offering opportunity to cut further unnecessary red tape.

Administratively linking NCOP (VSB14) to the MVSA (Motor Vehicle Standard Act) and the NRSS (National Road Safety Strategy), the NSW certifying model (VSCCS) should be included as the basis for operation nationally.

This regulatory reform would provide a consistent mechanism for engineer certified modifications giving the automotive aftermarket and motorsport industry scope, certainty and accountability when developing products to market.

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