Senate Commitments and Policy

Our role in the Senate is primarily to review proposed legislation which is passed in the lower house. From this respect it is not necessary for us to have our own set of policies, but rather, to have criteria by which we will assess legislation and test it against our own core values and position on various issues.

The AMEP is a Senate only independent party. We value our independence and keep an open mind on proposed legislation that enters the Senate for review. We will not agree to resolutions or motions in the Senate that reduces the effectiveness of the role of the Senate in Australia’s political system.

Learn more about our Senate Commitments here.

Motoring Policy

The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (AMEP) is about giving a voice to Motoring Enthusiasts and the industry that it supports. The following links outline our Policy position in regards to issues that face Motoring Enthusiasts specifically and motorists more generally.

Learn more about our Motoring Policy here

Motoring Industry Vision

Our Industry Vision for the Future:

  1. Recognise the economic contribution of the wider automotive industry and needs of the small business majority that drives it;
  2. Building on what we do well in motorsport and aftermarket industries to strengthen our domestic and global presence in niche markets by implementing nationally consistent regulatory reform;
  3. Stimulate growth in the specialist and enthusiast vehicle sectors to secure the Australian Motoring Culture for future generations;
  4. Support training, innovation, leadership, research and product development to realign ourselves for future industry demands;
  5. Support competency based driver training by linking motorsport and product development venues with driver training operations.


We support a balanced approach towards sustainability of the environment and the use of the environment, both for the survival of mankind and for responsible recreational use.

We believe it is time to bring common sense back into the equation and be respectful and open to alternative lifestyles.

Senator Ricky Muir enjoying the Aussie outdoors…