Senate Commitments and Policy

Senate Commitments and Policy

Our role in the Senate is primarily to review proposed legislation which is passed in the lower house. It is not necessary for us to have policies on all issues, but rather, to have criteria by which we will assess legislation and test it against our own core values.

We believe this is our strength as a party. We do not have pre-determined stances on important issue, instead we have a willingness to speak to all stakeholders and make balance and informed decisions. That is our Senate Commitment.

When legislation is proposed we will use the following guidelines to review it.

  1. We seek to support balanced legislation and will test that legislation against our core values. We will work to moderate extreme legislation through negotiation and by the introduction of amendments to the proposed legislation.  If these methods will not allow for the extremist elements of the proposed legislation to be removed then we will seek to vote against that legislation.
  2. We will not support proposed legislation that:
  • Further marginalises; disadvantages; isolates; or erodes the rights or way of life of the Motoring Enthusiast community or other groups.
  • Is an extremist policy
  • Is policy that should be taken to an election or referendum.
  • Goes against advice from industry or experts in the field.
  • Is policy that the Party and Australian community strongly object to.
  • Hurts the Australian way of life or penalises the law abiding for the sake of the irresponsible minority, thus making life harder for Australian families or takes away the right to a “fair go”.

The AMEP is a Senate only independent party. We value our independence and keep an open mind on proposed legislation that enters the Senate for review. We will not agree to resolutions or motions in the Senate that reduces the effectiveness of the role of the Senate in Australia’s political system.

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