AMEP Values


We seek to promote Unity-Respect-Lifestyle within Australia, Politics and the Local Community as well as within the Motoring Enthusiast Community. We will not support legislation or public debate that is divisive or disrespectful.

Personal Responsibility and Sensible Legislation…

We believe in personal responsibility and a “fair go” for all. Our emphasis is on community education to allow the law abiding majority to do the right thing and focus enforcement activities on the minority who willingly choose to break the law.  We are in opposition to excessive Government regulation and extreme agenda’s. We have a willingness to carefully consider advice from experts and those with firsthand knowledge of specific issues.

Checkout our Core Values…  AMEP CORE VALUES

Our Senate Commitment & Core Policy can be seen here

The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Culture is made up of a diverse range of individuals and families, united around a passion for Motoring Enthusiast pursuits. We need to be mindful of this diversity in everything we do, and celebrate our differences.