Taking Action

Taking Action…

With a focus on educating legislators, gathering statistics, and influencing policy, the motoring community have been given a voice by the AMEP.  Our Senate Seat has opened doors to negotiation that were previously unavailable to us.

The Motoring Advisory Council (MAC) is the a-political arm of the AMEP, and brings together experts in all areas of motoring to discuss and develop motoring policy.  The MAC provides ongoing advise to the AMEP and to the Senators Office, and has put forward submissions to the MVSA Review, Senate Inquiry into Aspects of Road Safety, Senate Inquiry into the Future of the Automotive Industry and various other inquiries and discussions.


AMEP have identified and been giving a voice to motoring issues.  We have been successful in having the Motoring Enthusiast Community and the Aftermarket and Motorsport industries recognised for their social and economic value.  This is now on public record and can be used to support future policy or proposals.  Unfortunately, there is no magic wand, and the wheels of Government move slowly and without a lot of common sense.

AMEP REPORT CARD – Overview of what has been achieved over the past year. The AMEP Report Card keeps members and supporters up to date with what has been achieved and what we are working towards.



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